On Being Tempted And Temptation

(Well this is an appropriate prompt just as I have created a blog and posted about my New Year Resolutions.)

Yes, I am very often “tempted” by a lot of things and more often than not I blame something that has happened that day. Oh, I forgot to bring my lunch to work, better buy a bacon buttie from the buttie van that comes round every morning. I’ve had a tough day at work, a nice glass of wine or two will sort that out. It’s all too easy to blame temptation on external forces when in fact, it’s all on me.

I need to be tougher with myself but still remember that it’s about treating myself in a way in which I deserve. And that is not about giving in to my inner child and having a Big-Mac for tea. The phrase “my body is a temple” was all the rage a few years ago and seemed to pass as a bit of a fad or something for the hippies among us. What I need to remember is that while it’s OK to have a burger every now and then and its perfectly fine to indulge in a glass of wine every so often, everything needs to be taken with moderation.

You can have too much of a good thing, even if that thing tastes really good! I am the worst for ordering the ‘big plate’ meals at our local restaurant or ordering a large glass of wine at a bar. These things show that we give into temptation without even realising it and putting under the banner of “oh, I might as well”.

Recently, When I have been craving a bag of chips instead of my sandwich at work, I force myself to say “NO! you deserve to treat yourself better than that!”. However that comment still has a flaw in it, the word ‘treat’. A treat is an extra chocolate bar on a Saturday, not trying to stick to a healthier option. There needs to be a better way of saying it that will convince your own mind that taking an option that you may not be thrilled with now will have better consequences in the longer term.

I suppose in some way it should be more of a “Take one for the team!” to avoid the temptation of fatty foods etc, if I eat the boring sandwich or salad now then I will feel better for it later (and the bathroom scales will eventually thank me too).

So yes, I am tempted. I am tempted by shiny wrappers on chocolate bars, by the fast-food adverts on TV, by special offers on wine in the supermarket  … But I am an adult now and I am now far more aware of the impact certain things have on my physical and mental health. so now , When temptation come’s-a-knockin’ I say “HA! Nice try.” and move on.

via Daily Prompt: Tempted


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