New Year Resolutions

It’s bandwagon time. It seems everyone goes for resolutions at this time of year and I have never been any different. every year I have made the same choices – give up alcohol, give up chocolate, go to the gym 3 times a week – but each and every year my plans come crashing down. either because my work life was stressful, I had a weak moment or I just lacked the motivation. So this year instead of totally denying myself something I am just trying to stick to the following rules;

Alcohol: While I would be the first to admit I like a bevvy or two I never saw myself as having a problem with drinking, however by bank balance disagreed with me. I have gone down the “Dry January” route before and have come to the conclusion that January is the absolute worst month to try going cold-turkey. So, instead, we have decided that while a glass of wine with dinner on the odd occasion is fine when at home, if we want something else to drink we must trudge op the very steep hill we live on and go to the local pub with our dog. While I am under no illusion that a 20 minute walk would negate any calorie content of the consumed booze, it is a start and it helps to get us out of the house more, plus the dog gets to beg strangers for pork scratchings which is one of her hobbies.

Social Media: I live on Facebook. It is constantly buzzing away on my phone with new notifications. It is the first thing I check in the morning and the last thing I check at night. but it is a handy source of the goings on in my somewhat limited social life. It is the only place any invitation to a night out is sent which is a bit sad when you really think about it. So, while I have no intention of cutting myself off completely, I have taken the app off my phone so now if I want a fix I have to go to the trouble of logging on with my PC.

Exercise: This is still a major downfall with me, I just can’t get into a routine very easily. But I have found some dance classes recently that I am really enjoying so fingers crossed that will help out a bit. Unfortunately without being sure of what will be happening within the next year (we may move on somewhere else, we may go travelling for a bit … who knows) it is not an option to tie myself into a long term contract for something like a gym.

Diet: I never have and never will be able to stick to a proper diet. I just like food too much. That being said last year we have cut down dramatically on the number of times we get fast food. This year I am trying to stick to healthier meals and at the very least, make much smaller portions. Cooking for 4 is easy, cooking for two … not so much.

Mindfulness: This seems to have been a buzzword for last year but having recently come across a mindfulness app, I can see why. So I’ve added a short but daily meditation session to my list. Granted I only started it today but I did enjoy it and do feel more relaxed and rather quite … fuzzy … after completing the session.

Still … the best laid plans and all that jazz.


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