If You Can’t Swim …

I have never particularly liked the phrase “sink or swim”. In my way of thinking it implies that the world is very black and white, that you only have two options; to succeed or to loose. There is simply no middle ground in this statement.

We are surrounded by people who can very much “swim” through life, the big-wigs that have recently been in the news (here in the UK at least) for earning more money by the afternoon of January 4th than a vast majority of us would earn in an entire year. Yep, they can swim all-right.

Does this mean that everyone else is a “sinker”?  Everyday on my way to work I see a man gathering up every last belonging that he has on this planet and stuffing it into a single carrier bag and shuffling away from the shop doorway where he spends his nights. By comparison to the big-wig swimmer, he must be the definition of a sinker.

So what of the rest of us? We, the army of worker bees quietly going about the same routine day-in day-out just to keep our own little world turning. Where do we sit in the scale of sink or swim? We are all kind of floating somewhere in the middle and we hardly ever dare to start swimming to try and reach the surface. And why not? Because society tells us we can’t.

We have been brain washed into thinking we just have to keep treading water, just floating in murky water that is intentionally muddied by those who are swimming above us. We all want a better job but society tells us that having a steady yet soul destroying job is better than nothing and loosing said job is too much a risk to take. So we keep on floating.

Well, not this little bat, oh no. I may be playing my cards close to my check and floating here for the moment, but I am saving up my strength for a surge of swimming and flapping to see where I can take myself. I may never make the surface along with those big-wigs, but I’m willing to bet that their surface is a million miles away from where I want to be in life. Just as my surface is a million miles from those of the people (hopefully) reading this. We all need to find our surface, swim towards it with all of our strength and when we reach it, and we will, don’t stop swimming.

Whatever you do. Just stop floating.

(This is a rather rambling response to the Daily Post prompt of Float )



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