Taking Life One Small Thing At A Time

Today, after braving the zombie throngs of supermarket shoppers and actually surviving without blowing the rest of this month’s budget, myself and the Husbat managed to find enough energy to take the dog up to the local country park for an off-lead walk. It’s wonderful to watch our dog bounding across the open fields, generally having the time of her life while at the same time never straying far from either of us.

We walked along muddy forest paths, across soggy grass fields and followed rain washed gravel paths until we reached a rather active duck pond. Thankfully, our dog didn’t pay any attention to the docks, geese or gulls squawking and quaking their little heads off around the edge of the pond.

There were a few nice surprises though, in the form of one very attractive young female duck and her fella –


A very handsome male Mandarin duck (who I hope hadn’t wandered off from his mate or a domestic collection somewhere) –


And a very energetic flurry of what I think may be Terns, all fighting over a hunk of bread someone threw –


Having washed the mud off the dog and our boots, dried said dog and stoked a nice cozy fire … yeah, today has been a good day.


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