Specifically … Well, It’s Infinite

The events of 2016 have thrown open a whole world of opportunity, choices and options for both of us in 2017. To be honest, having this much choice is mind boggling and more than a little intimidating.

We now have the chance to either renovate our house so that it works better for us to start a family in, move into a house we recently inherited that is in a better area but needs more work doing to it, rent both out and go travelling, sell both and go travelling, sell both and start a business … our options, quite specifically seem infinite right now.

Staying put is safe, but as I said in a previous post, that would just mean us treading water. Living in a place we don’t really feel any connection to and have nothing in the way of a social circle. But to move on from here … well now that’s just scary.

We do both want to move, we want to be near the sea or a lake or a river .. somewhere near water (The Husbat is an Aquarius). But where? This is where our “Plan A” is to buy a motor-home and go a-travelling. My bet is that we will happen upon some place with a house for sale and we will just feel the zing for it instantly.

But taking that jump … that’s tough. We are currently sitting in the doorway of a plane, looking down at the vast emptiness below us and wondering if the parachute will open. Still … nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that jazz.

To infinity and beyond!

Daily Post Prompt: Infinite & Specific (a couple of days late but hey, better late than never)


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