Twinkle Twinkle …

I quite often use the phrase “You’re a star!” when thanking someone for helping me out of whatever sticky situation I find myself in at any given moment. However, I have never really put that much thought into exactly what being a “star” to someone could actually mean.

Stars have always been of vast importance to humans, not to mention to the myriad of other animals who use starlight and other celestial bodies to navigate their way around their own little existence. Stars help people find their way home when they are lost however it is not just in the physical aspect of being their that they help us. Stars help people to come to terms with the loss of a loved one, stars provide inspiration to those in need to it, and stars can help to shape the way we live our daily lives.

Pinocchio wished upon a star for his dreams of becoming a real boy to come true, and he found himself a kind-hearted guiding like in the form of his fairy godmother. While she didn’t solve all of his problems for him, she helped him on his journey to find out exactly what being “real” really meant. Let’s face it, we have all needed a guiding light in our lives at some point.

Some people out there shine out in society because they are famous or wealthy, others shine because, even if it is just for one person, they are a guiding light in the darkness, helping someone to get themselves through a tough part of their lives. Be it a friend, neighbor, family member, spouse or even the lady behind the counter at the coffee shop offing a smile ever morning. We all shine in our own way for the people who need us the most.

I have needed someone to shine for me in the past and likewise I have been the one to shine for someone very special to me. Never underestimate the power or worth of your shining light. You are someone’s star.

Response to The Daily Post Shine


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