Let It Go

We cling to a lot in life it seems. As children we cling to dolls or toys or blankets (in my case a small stuffed bear called Rainbow) and as teens we cling to our group of friends. As adults the scope of what we cling to for security widens considerable. some people cling to family, others cling to jobs, others to money, pets, possessions, property, faith, religion … the list is endless. But everyone clings to something.

We cling because we consider the thing we are clinging to to be safe and secure. Something that can protect us when we feel vulnerable, give us strength when we feel weak or give us guidance when we are undecided. Even if that thing is an Action Man you have had since you were a kid, it is something safe, something you consider to have never, and could never let you down.

While in a majority of cases these personal totems can empower us to do something we never have before, in some cases they can also hold us back. Their is a disadvantage to being safe. Safe means that while nothing bad can happen to you, maybe, just maybe, the good things are being kept away too.

If the thing you cling to, be it a person or an object, isn’t empowering you to get out there and gain new experiences, reach a new goal, or just generally see how amazing  the world around us truly is, then maybe you need to let it go. Take a deep breath and just go for it! You will be surprised what can happen once you step out of your comfort zone.

And if the thing you cling to gives you the strength and determination to you need, then keep hold of it, take it with you and reach for those stars!

A response to The Daily Post prompt: Cling



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