The Early Bird Gathers No Moss

Yes, I know it’s a mixed metaphor but hey, if a girl can’t continue a good day with a joke that what can she do?

Yesterday started out much earlier than I had ever panned it to. Thanks to a pair of particularly restless legs I found myself awake a 7:30 AM with my husband sleeping softly beside me. After half an our of staring at the ceiling being just very awake, I decided to sneak out of bed and stretch my legs a little.

After pulling on my comfy knee-high socks (to add a it of pressure to me legs to relieve the restlessness) and ambling around the house for a bit I decided there was no way I was going to be able to get back to sleep. So, Cinderella here got to work.

After a cup of coffee and a bite to eat I tidied the kitchen, cleared the clutter that had accumulated in the living room (mainly my stuff), fed the dog, fed the cat, cleaned out the cat tray and cleaned out the bunny hutch. I then tacked one job that has been on my to-do list for a long time, inventory the store cupboards and freezers.

I hate wasting food but it seems that between liking to pick up bargains in the reduced section at the supermarket to freeze for later, and having a husband who likes to change his mid about what he wants to eat, we have accumulated a vast amount of stored food. Needless to say a lot of food had been forgotten about and had regretfully gone well beyond it’s “use by” date. Now I’m not normally too prissy about use-by and best-before dates. After all, these are put in place by the manufacturers and who else would be more inclined to persuade customers to throw out unused produce just to go and buy more under the guise of ‘freshness’?  I go by my senses, if it’s anything it shouldn’t be (squishy, stale, smelly, fuzzy) it goes but until then I will not have a problem with using it. The husband has other ideas but that’s another story.

Still, the list of food items being thrown away grew rather alarmingly. Soup that was two years (TWO YEARS?!?) past it’s best before date, frozen dumplings we bought over a year ago that we have never used as all the instructions and content information is only in Chinese, chicken that had been in the freezer too long and had crystallized, beef mince that had gone a very unsightly brown and some finders crispy pancakes that had escaped their box and had been sitting in the bottom of the freezer drawer for goodness knows how long and had actually stuck to the plastic … the list went on until a bin bag full of wasted food was sitting on my kitchen floor.

I don’t like wasting food so now I have a full inventory of what food I have in long-term storage. This way I should be able to plan meals much more efficiently and make use of what we have ‘in stock’. Anything I keep passing over will be donated or given away  if it has been in the freezer or cupboard for too long. This should not only help me to cut down on my food waste, but also help with our monthly food budget too.

Well, let’s just hope we can stick with it! Here’s to a successful Sunday, if you can forgive the oversight for not posting this yesterday that is.




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