Lady’s Waterworks …

*Disclaimer* I’m gonna just come out with it. I have cystitis. So if you are uncomfortable with reading about how a woman deals with a urinary tract infection and everything that encompasses that, maybe this isn’t the place for you. If you are OK with this topic … please keep reading*

**And no, this is not a post about a certain politician that shall now remain nameless**

I get cystitis (aka, urinary tract infections, water infections etc) probably once or twice a year since I was about 15. Last Friday I got that odd hollow itchy felling down there that instantly rings alarm bells. So off I trot to the local pharmacy t buy some cystitis relief sachets and anti-inflammatory tablets. Unfortunately for me, I despise the taste of cranberry and as this is apparently a ‘wonder cure’ for cystitis, I have to choke down these vile powdered sachet drinks three times a day.

Normally I do need antibiotics to shift the infection as the pain and discomfort becomes unbearable. I have previously been sat on the toilet at 2 or 3 AM crying because of the burning sensation and the constant phantom full bladder. This time has been a little different however.

This bout of it has come and gone for the lest 5 days, easing in and out of my conscious awareness to the point that I felt absolutely fine one day and then very uncomfortable the next. Today, it came back with a vengeance!

I felt 100% normal this morning and got showered, dressed and made up for work just as I normally do. Then, at about 11 AM I felt the need to pee … and that need didn’t go away. at all!. I spend the rest of the shift squirming in discomfort and guzzling as much icy cold water as I could stomach to try and dilute the acidic quality to my urine when I went to pee every 10 minutes.

After sending a text to my dance class instructor to tell her I wouldn’t be making today’s class, and after somehow making it through a whole shift at work, I limped home and crawled into my fluffiest dressing gown and resigned myself to feeling pitiful for the rest of the night.

Then, my darling husband came into the room with something of a care package. He knew I had a water-works infection and had researched that hot baths would help relieve the symptoms, so he went out to the local shops and bought me a Mediterranean sea salt bath soak. We have both had a number of piercings over the last couple of years and know very well the benefit of using salt water soaks as a way of combating infections. Therefore he made the logical leap to assume that a salt bath would help to relieve my symptoms.

Having just partaken in one such bath I can say it does seem to help, at least in the short term. I also use ‘feminine wipes’ which are PH balancing and have no perfume or other irritants included, and this really does help to take the sting.

To all of you out there suffering from cystitis … I feel for you sister (or brother).




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