Wishing For Automatic Organisation

I wish there was a way to organizing various aspects of your life automatic. I am currently on a mission to reduce the amount of food we waste as much as possible following a frankly embarrassing clear out of stored food over the last two weekends.

I started my mission by simply pulling everything out of our freezers and cupboards and throwing away everything that was past any conceivable safe use date as well as anything that had been accidentally stored incorrectly (one horror story involved a container of rice that has somehow taken on moisture … not a pretty sight). I then made a list of everything I put back and made sure everything was organised into specific drawers/shelves.

I printed out the list to attach to the front of each storage location and crossed off/added items as and when. This has allowed me to keep a close grip on what we actually have in to cook. My plan for next weekend is to organise all of my recipe books, clippings and print-outs and try and get some semblance of organisation to those too. It’s very easy to see why this is a job that I have so often overlooked, it is surprisingly difficult to get a new organisational structure started, let alone have it flowing in an optimal way. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a magic button I could just push and POOF! Everything would be nice and neat and organised and, most importantly, locatable!

I am hoping that this will also help my husband manage his blood sugar levels a little better as he would be able to look at a list and see exactly what we have available instead of reaching for some chocolate if his sugar levels drop a little too much. Type 1 diabetes combined with an unruly and cluttered store cupboard mean that the easy option has often been the only option.


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