Vegetables Made Fun

Yesterday I finally received my much awaited Spiralizer! I am always one to get excited about new devices, especially kitchen gadgets, promising myself that each new thing will revolutionize how we live our lives. My gleaming white gadget was proudly sitting on our kitchen counter-top having been un-boxed and cleaned by my wonderful husband by the time I got home from work.

I instantly got to fiddling with it, checking out the different cutting blades and while I was rather disappointed with the somewhat useless instruction guide and lack of suggested recipes, I was thrilled with it!

Unfortunately it seems that due to a particularly bad growing season in Spain, the UK is currently facing a national courgette (Zucchini in ‘British’) shortage so I have been unable to source one to try out the now infamous Zoodles. The husband had quite a chuckle when I told him this and he asked if the shortage was due to so many people spiralizing them!

Still, I had a good selection of vegetables in the store cupboard to try out my new device. I started off with the ribbon cutter and reduced an unsuspecting carrot to a beautiful curl of bright orange and followed that up by using the fine noodle blade on an equally unsuspecting parsnip. After playing with the springy curls for a few minutes (OK, it ended up being quite a while but I’m an adult now, I’m allowed to play with my food!) I popped the lot in the oven while the rest of our evening meal was cooking.

The results, while not a good looking as those on some of the videos circling the internet, still tasted very good and looked quite appealing on the plate! They certainly went down well with both of us as not a crumb was left.

I have collected a multitude of recipe ideas for it from various food blogs and sites so I have a long list to be getting on with. There was also zero wastage as the off cuts went straight into the rabbit hutch!


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