Long Time No Type

Well, what can I say, I’ve been away from this blog for so long I can hardly remember when I last posted anything without checking on my feed. It’s been a bumpy few months that’s for sure.

In short a massive opportunity for us has slipped through our fingers thanks to problems with our new motohome and more than a little bit of procrastination. But hey, life goes on and all that jazz, there will be other opportunities which will pop up when they are good and ready!

All in all the last few months have seen me loose motivation for my exercise classes, binge eating junk food, biting my nails and generally not looking after myself very well. I was sat at my desk the other day wearing my floor length slinky skirt and a fitted shirt and looked down to see buttons straining and the stretchy skirt making me look pregnant (I’m not, for the record). It was the proverbial kick up the ass I needed to get back onto another health kick.

I have realised that talking about my efforts on here helps to keep me motivated, which is why I guess I stopped posting as I felt I had let myself down.

So, how am I re-starting my fitness efforts? Zumba! I have finally found a Zumba class at the right time and in a location not too far from my house. It’s on a Tuesday so the work week has not had quite enough time to drain my energy. I just hope I survive it!

I am also re-doubling my efforts to eat healthy too, again by planning out the weeks meals. This week we are on a money saving kick to try and get through some of the mountain of food we have stored in the freezer. Last night it was a random Chinese night with noodles and mix veg. Tonight, as I am at Zumba class 6:30 to 7:30, we are going to have chicken breast steaks with some potato-based product and vegetables prepared for my return by the Hubby.

So … here goes nothing … again.


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