The Freezer-Food Meal Plan

This last month has proven very expensive for one reason or another. What with council tax, MOT on two cars and insurance due on one, there really isn’t much left over to see us through until next pay day. I tend to have a habit of buying too much when I go food shopping and end up picking up items from the “still fresh” reduced section to go in the freezer for use at a later date. I’m just not very good in actually getting to that “later date” and therefore have ended up with a freezer stuffed to the gills with food.

So, in a bid to save money we have been having “freezer food” meals all this week and it has saved us quite a bit of money!

On Monday we had a random Chinese mix-and-match night with egg fried rice, chicken chow mean, one slice of prawn toast (why did I even bother freezing that?!?) and a couple of chicken goujons to add a bit of crunch. We even had some Chinese dips left over from a couple of weeks ago that had been sealed away and still tasted fine.

Tuesday was a little bit naughty with turkey shapes, chips and peas. Yes, we are both adults and don’t have any kids, that doesn’t mean we can’t have turkey dinosaurs if we want them!

Wednesday saw us having one of our favorites, IKEA meatballs with mash and meatball sauce! With an IKEA being literally 10 minutes away from where we live we quite regularly indulge in the Swedish delight that is their frozen meatballs!

Tonight is going to be a bit of an experiment. I have somehow managed to collect 3 bags of hot dog frankfurters and while I do really love hot-dogs, they just don’t seem to suit as an evening meal. So I am getting creative and making a hot-dog pasta bake! Pasta shapes with a bit of spiralized zucchini thrown in for some semblance of healthiness, pasata as a base mixed with mushrooms and some cherry tomatoes with a bit of smokey cheese thrown into the mix because cheese makes everything better! Fingers crossed it will be edible!

Tomorrow is a bit open ended at the moment as Friday nights are normally take-out night. However we are going on an impromptu trip to Skegness in our motor-home on Saturday/Sunday so we may end up having something random at home and then splurging on a meal out on Saturday night, obviously to celebrate having saved so much money over the week!

Oh well, it’s payday next week anyhow.


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